Sarvvid Presents The very First Decentralized File Storage System for you.

“Your one-stop solution to secured data Storage.”

Data, we all have heard about this word right; in your workspace or at your home this word is known to everyone. Files (movies, songs, pics, records, etc) are all data, and all this data you transferred and storing from one network or from one system to another.

With the digital transformation in this age which is spreading like wildfire the continuous processing of data, data security has become a big challenge where there is the constant fear of data theft and privacy breach (Leaking of photos, videos, financial records, income statements, etc.).

Everybody heard of cloud data storage, in a cloud storage system, you can upload data on cloud servers which is quite easy and fast. We can store our data on the cloud; cloud storage provides us the extra space to store, share and secure our data. But the question to be asked is, is it safe? Up to an extent the cloud storage is safe and Cloud servers are a great place to store data without worrying about the space or the size of Data but with great powers comes great responsibility, and cloud storage has not been able to fulfill that responsibility with its great power.

Anyone with an email address and password can easily access data which poses a greater risk of the privacy of data.

Alone in 2021, there are millions of cases reported of data loss of users by various companies like LinkedIn (700 million), Facebook(533 million).

For this, a Decentralized data storage system came into the picture.

Now coming to the question of what decentralization means?

A decentralized data storage system works by storing your file or data across multiple computers or nodes on a decentralized network, with no point of a single failure or single authority who has oversight over your files.

Not a single entity or authority owns your data which makes it hard to access it. The data is divided into fragments and whenever the owner of the data wants to access data. Data retrieved in seconds make it a secure, fast, and reliable system.

About product:

Sarvvid which works on the decentralized data storage system provides the most secure storage system for your data. A decentralized data storage system works on blockchain technology.

Now let’s talk about how it works.

We use two crucial features: the Sarvvid box and sarvvid nodes.

Mobile Sandbox is a form of security protocol for Sarvvid Node. While transferring data the Sarvvid Hub sends a signal to the nearest available node that a file is being sent to it before transmitting the file.

Instead of central servers, your data is uploaded and split up into small fragments or sharded, encrypted, and finally distributed across the robust worldwide network of nodes.

if someone is trying to access your data they can get to reach that data even if they get the root access as the data is sharded and encrypted.


In case the devices get damaged, you might wonder what will now happen to my data; just one word RELAX!!! Your data is in the pieces and on the different secured servers.

PIECES?? This raises some doubts might be wondering where will my data go or is it even secure?

Well, Nahh…

let me explain, your data is more secure than anything,

In case of the loss of any node your data already has a backup and moves onto other nodes.

Also, there is ZERO AUTH which is OTP based system also SHA 256+256, the 256 character combination unique key which only provide to the owner of the Data.

A Quantum Algorithm, Quantum algorithms run on a realistic model of quantum computation. Its three unique properties: Superposition, interference, and entanglement increases data security and safety.

There is another security feature that in a particular device that there can only be a single user from a particular device. If one device is used to login Sarvvid Box then that device cannot use any other Id. One device One ID.


We at Sarvvid are the people who talk care of your data and protects it from any kind of theft and loss.


We provide the best care for your data and make it more secure and prevent it from any kind of breach or leakage. Your data is our responsibility.

Sarvvid is India's first decentralized cloud storage company, provides the most secure storage system for your data. learn more at